Friday, January 17, 2014

Install aluminum fences around your pool and help yourself!

If you have swimming pool in the backyard area of your house, then have you got it fenced? If, no then you must get it done for sure as pool can be dangerous for your, as well for your neighbors kids. Therefore, it is an important decision to be made.

However, looking to the aesthetic aspect of the house, you would not want to make your house look untidy with long fences. This is where you need to search well and from the available fencing options go for one that will enhance beauty of your house and also will not cost you heavy on your pocket.

Which fencing option should you choose? This is the most difficult question to be answered; especially when one does not have any idea about fences. If you cannot make up your mind for which fence to choose then let me help you out in this.

Popularly two types of home pool fencing are used i.e. aluminum fence slats and Vinyl-PVC fences.

Aluminum fences

This is the most popular and common choice of majority of people. This is because it has various benefits associated with it; like it is sturdy, stylish, and requires very little maintenance. In aesthetic aspect also, it looks elegant without costing much on the buyer’s pocket. As aluminum is less prone to oxidation, thus it does not require regular maintenance unlike to other fences available in market. Coming to the choice of color, you can choose any color of fence according to your choice like black, white, bronze, brown, beige, sandstone and green.

However, alongside all the above-mentioned things, if you are also looking for privacy point then aluminum fencing is not a good choice. In such case, you must go for Vinyl-PVC.

Vinyl-PVC fences

In terms of privacy factor, Vinyl-PVC is more effective than aluminum fences. Two types of Vinyl-PVC fencing are available solid slats and spaced pickets. To make it more aesthetically appealing, alongside keeping privacy factor in mind, you can choose latticework or spindle Vinyl-PVC fences.

Besides these two, there are other swimming pool fencing options as well like wood or glass. However, these are often less preferred choices due to reasons like cost, high maintenance, and building code compliance.

Thus, bottom line is that if you want good fences in your budget along with aesthetic preference then go for aluminum fencing. However, if you want to restrict outsiders view in your pool then choose vinyl-pvc.

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