Friday, November 17, 2017

How To Choose Right Fencing Pipes?

There is so much information to consider when you are thinking of putting in new fences. The research begins with numerous internet searches which come back with thousands of hits. 

There are numerous choices about the types of fencing pipes you can put up in your backyard. Whether you select the wooden fence or the chain link fence, what matters the most is that you opt for high-quality fencing pipes

If you have selected the fencing pipes, the next question that arises is that how would you be able to know is the pipe strong and of good quality? Here are a few pointers to help you select the right kind of fencing pipe:

  1. Used pipes
    Some people swear on using the used pipes for fencing. The used pipes are inexpensive, easily available and look almost as good as new pipes. While they might look good in the beginning, the used fencing pipes might revel pitting, flaking, rust, and other wear and tear later.

  2. Compare
    If you are thinking of getting used fencing pipes, pick it and up and compare it with new pipes. It will be lighter. Why? Because the majority of used pipes come from the oilfields where they can no longer be used. 

    These pipes pump salt water along with acid all day in the oil fields. The sucker rods go up and down the pipes constantly making them thin everyday. Even if the pipes look good from outside, then have poor thickness which makes them not right for fence use.

  3. Categories of new fencing pipes

    While the new and unused pipes are obviously better, all new pipes are not all same. There are different categories of the new pipes too:

    1. Good
      Good fencing pipes are generally the dead ends which have no holes, no unwelded seams and are straight. 
    2. Seconds
      The secondary fencing pipes are good pipes with minor flaws and random length.
    3. Reject
      The rejected fencing pipes are the ones with one or more defects. The defects generally include bows, unwelded seams, and fluctuating thickness. These rejects vary from mill to mill. Rejects and the seconds are the most common choices for fencing pipes.

If you are looking to install quality fencing pipes or fences in your home, contact Aruvil. They are experts in the fencing industry since 1978.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Different Types of Fencing That You Can Choose

If you are planning to install a fence around your house or any other building, one of the most crucial decisions you will have to make is choosing the fence type. The material of the fencing plays an important role and it must be according to the place you live. 

For example, you can't use iron fencing in the areas which are prone to heavy snowfall. Keep in mind your desired aesthetics, durability, and maintenance specifications. In this blog, we will discuss some of the different types of materials used to manufacture a fence. Hope the information will help you in finding the right fencing material.

Chain-Link fencing

It is a cost-effective alternative that can be used to cover a specific area. Generally, it is made up of galvanized steel. The main parts which are used to make the chain-link fencing are- top rails, line posts, fencing bolts, and terminal posts that are usually set in concrete. 

The chain-link comes in big rolls and the height varies from 3 to 12 feet. This is a perfect option for enclosing a backyard because it is a very strong and durable option. It is also a very good option for keeping pets safe. 

Moreover, chain-link is available in many colors such as- black, green, brown etc. The galvanized option is corrosion resistance, which makes it perfect for being installed in the coastal areas or the areas which face excess snowfall.


Aluminum fencing is an excellent option for security purposes which is available in different sizes. This type of fencing is tough to climb and impossible to cut. The wear and tear capacity of aluminum is outstanding. It is available at low price and is a popular option chosen by many people for pools and gardens because it can not be harmed by water or other harsh chemicals.


Wooden fencing is a degradable option which is environment-friendly. It is usually installed in the gardens for the privacy purposes. The panels used to install a wooden fencing has 4-6 feet height. There are many types of wood that are used to manufacture a wooden fencing. It includes- cider, oak, pine, redwood, or spruce. The main materials used to build wood fence include- nails, brackets, and screws.


Vinyl fencing looks far natural than iron and aluminum fencing. Vinyl fencing doesn't decay, fade or break over time. It is a corrosion resistant option that you can use it anywhere. In short, for those who want a long-lasting and low-maintenance fence, vinyl fences can be an excellent option.

If you are still searching for your perfect fence and need some assistance, Aruvil can help you. Save money and time by consulting with the industry leaders.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Different Types of Gate Hardware

Choosing gate hardware is a daunting task. You need to be sure of material and style that works for you. To make this process easier for yourself, you can consider picking gate door sets. These includes- gate or door knobs, frames and different material with completely blended ironmongery explications. 

Complete gate frames or door frames are sketched, picked, assembled and mounted according to size, performance, and configuration. They are manufactured with high technical efficiency.

There are several methods that you can use to install gates. One method is to install a gate just by using screw-in brackets. Another way is installing pressure mounted gates with screw-out pads that press against a door frame, wall or newel post. 

Pressure mounted gates are very simple to install without using specific tools, whereas hardware mounted gates need proper experience, skills and special tools. Hardware mounted gates allow much better safety.

Hardware installed gates are normally constructed by using- aluminum, wood, steel, or PVC.
Here are different types of hardware which are commonly used to install different gate materials- 

Self Closer-
Self-closer hinges are used while mounting a gate, usually where there is a need of the self-closing feature. They are available with dual adjustability for gate weight and closing speed. These are generally included under PVC gate hardware having the characteristics, such as- rust-resistance and high durability. These hinges are ideal for the swimming pools where self-closing gates are required.

Wood Gate Hinge-
It is in a shape of a 'T' alphabet and also known as Tee hinges. These are ideal for PVC gates and wooden gates. Generally, available in  8-inches, 10 inches, and 12-inch sizes. The main purpose of their excess usage is its high strength and high durability.

PVC Gate Hinge-
These are easy to adjust and mount while installing a gate. PVC gate hinges can be fitted according to the weight of the gate and its size. It is made up of strong polymers and stainless steel. That is why it is mainly used in the low-temperature areas or in the coastal areas. 

The maintenance-free hinges are particularly composed for PVC gate or fencing practices. Moreover, PVC is a material that gives an outstanding thermal insulation. It is commonly used in the exterior door sets due to its exceptional insulation qualities.

If you are planning to buy or install a gate, fencing system, gate hardware, Aruvil is a perfect place that offers cost-effective and excellent options that you can choose. They are a leading manufacturer and distributor of PVC gate hardware, commercial and residential fencing.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Why Choose Aluminum Ornamental Fence?

Work in a home is never finished. If you are done with maintenance or urgent repairs, you’ll think about beautifying your home. You’ll also want to improve and update the security of your home. 

What if I tell you that you can beautify your home and make it secure at the same time?

Surprised. The aluminum ornamental fence does the same.  A secure and elegant solution to all your decor and security problems, it offers an oomph factor to your home.

Reason To Use Aluminum Ornamental Fence?




The aluminum ornamental fence adds a bit of elegance and oomph factor to the home. The first impression of your home would be of sophistication and chicness. It adds a curb appeal to the home.

The aluminum ornamental fence comes in a variety of designs and looks. You can go for the traditional or more contemporary appearance depending on the build of your home. You can even place the fence in your home.


The ornamental fence offers added security to your home. If you want a strong fence that can handle a lot of force, then you should go for the aluminum ornamental fence.  

You can add even mesh to keep small children or pets inside the home-- safe and secure. The fence deters not only animals but unwanted individuals in your property.


While iron wrought or steel fence are equally strong, they are more expensive options for the fence. However, aluminum ornamental fence offers a cost-effective option for the same. 

The money saved can be used in other decor purposes such as adding a gate or more flowering plants. Make sure you hire an experienced fencing company to save costs on poor installation.

Easy Maintenance

The aluminum ornamental fence is the best in the business. Unlike the wooden fence, they don’t need to be painted regularly. 

There is a huge range of colors and designs available that you can install according to your style. The fence is very easy to clean and take care of. It does not rust.

With so many features, these fences are entirely customizable. You can get numerous designs in accordance with the style of your home. Add gates, meshes and so much more to your fence. 

You can add these fences in your walkways and driveways. Aruvil offers affordable and rust-free aluminum ornamental fence. They are also major manufacturer and retailer of ornamental aluminum.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Top Benefits Of Using Aluminum Ornamental Fencing

No matter what sort of property you purchase, an ornamental aluminum fence can provide you amazing benefits for residential applications and industrial applications.

How are ornamental aluminum panels fencing perfect for your property?
Ornamental aluminum fencing is an ideal fence system for commercial and residential properties due to many reasons.

Have a glance to the effective benefits of using  aluminum fencing:

  • Appears Wrought Iron Fencing: Ornamental aluminum fencing appears wrought iron fencing without any fence maintenance.

  • Less Expensive Than Other Tradition Fencing Types: Aluminum fencing is one of the inexpensive fencing options. It is quite less costly than traditional wrought iron. So, you can save a good amount by using this fencing.

  • Require Less Maintenance: Another one of the biggest advantages of using aluminum fencing is it requires minor maintenance. For example, aluminum fences do not rust, which indicates less work for you. Some aluminum fencing is designed with a powder paint coating to make sure with a manufacturer’s guarantee.

  • Available In Elegant Colors And Designs: A wide range of stylish design choices and beautiful colors of fencings are available in the market, which gracefully greets almost all landscapes.

  • One of the strongest fencing option: Aluminum fencing is specially manufactured in order to provide a great sense of security. These are designed in a lot of grades. Also, lightweight residential fencing is available which is the best for enclosing a pool or defining property lines and high-grade industrial fencing, perfect for enhancing security at industrial factories, colleges and apartment complexes.

  • Can Obtain style versatility: You will get the chance to have your fence the manner you want it to be. This should involve choosing from various style, fitting and door prospects.

  • Offer A Luxury Appeal: The ornamental aluminum builds a beautiful combination of toughness and beauty that will immediately increase your home’s importance and edge appeal.

Thus, to choose the aluminum fencing for your property is such a wise decision in every aspects. It not only enhance the beauty of your property but also protect it with it’s wonderful technology. In short, it is appropriate to say that this kind of fencing is the best option.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Why Fencing Becomes So Significant For Homes And Other Places?

Fencing the outline of your property is one of the most significant jobs as it guarantees a higher level of security not just for you, but for your family and pets as well. 

'Bigger is better' actually sounds correct for the fences, but there are many other approaches to ensure a good level of safety even without large, fancy borders.

Importance Of Fencing

It slats for fencing bring the much-needed privacy and security that everyone expects for their homes.

The wood fencing can also provide the house and its surrounding landscape the best touch of rustic charm to complete its appearance.

The fencing for home, garden, swimming pool, pet houses etc are used for various purposes such as:

For Decorative Objectives:

  • Wood Rails: Simple wood rails carried by brick posts are a great example of decorative fencing. One can keep the height of rails, low or can also leave the rails and posts unpainted for a rustic touch. 
  • Picket fencing: Safe neighbourhood can manage to have houses fenced in with decorative fencing. An advantage of this kind is that you can go all out with creativity.

Take the case of a picket fence which is the perfect decorative fence that still figures oodles of beauty to any landscape even after all these years. A matching gate or a simple gazebo somewhere in the garden will correctly complement its former world touch.

  • Wrought iron panels: Add an impact of class with wrought iron fences divided by stone columns. This is what the houses of old had installed which not only seemed good, but provided some safety to keep children and pets from walking out.

For privacy Purpose:

  • Wooden slats: Exactly laid wooden slats can provide a plenty of privacy. You can join to it by providing herbs like creepers to make their way across. This is a wonderful method to make green space without compromising on privacy.

  • Packed stakes: Give no room for strangers to look in with packed stakes. Utilize wood or bamboo to firmly fit into a casing with not even an inch of space to negotiate privacy. Set up the stakes end-on-end for a fence that ensures security and looks extraordinary also.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Why Is Aluminum Ornamental Fencing Trendy Among People

Aluminum Ornamental fence

Aluminum fence is the perfect decision to finish any architectural or landscape design. Elaborate aluminum fencing is impeccable around beach front zones and pools where steel and the wooden wall will require upkeep. 

As anyone might expect, on account of its toughness and simplicity with which it can be framed into various shapes, aluminum has likewise been utilized as an exceedingly savvy fencing material. At the point when covered with a powder complete, Aluminum wall can turn out to be very lovely for any home.

Properties Of Aluminum fence

Most aluminum fences have simple, non-complicated designs. Many people buy these fences as they are effective and cost efficient. Yet, those who have a more fashionable outlook, and want a touch of style and high quality, can opt ornamental aluminum fence.

Designing Of Aluminum fence

Ornamental fences are normally designed with smaller components. The panels are constructed at the factory and then attached with brackets to the fencepost at the installation site.

Best For Security Purpose

Much the same as some other fencing, elaborate aluminum wall serve a security work. Hence, it is essential to ensure that the fence has a good height and that the pickets are sufficiently close to counteracting children, animals or trespassers from slipping between them.

Pointed-top pickets will likewise be a good approach, to keep anybody from moving over the fence. Other than security reasons, aluminum fancy fences additionally improve the allure of a property.

Different Designs Of Aluminum Fences

Fancy aluminum wall come in different designs to suit your taste, and are recognized to be long-lasting. They can be specially designed to any length, height or shading. 

Yet, buyers should remember that aluminum fancy wall doesn't keep going as long as the ones made out of steel or iron. Along these lines, if the fence will be subjected to diligent work, for example, keeping away children or blocking motor vehicles and power equipment, at that point another fencing material may be better.

Need To Consider Before Installing

When you decide on fancy aluminum fencing, you have to consider where you are installing it and what it is really for. 

Not exclusively do these walls look great and bring some level of security and magnificence to your property, they can likewise raise your property estimation. 

All that you do that emphatically benefits your territory will raise the property estimation, and when you need to offer your home or need a home loan, you will get a much better deal.

Friday, July 14, 2017

An Insight To Galvanized Chain Link Fences

While planning for a fencing job with regards to can be exorbitant however in today’s scenario, fencing is vital for our security. Envision an open home encompassing of your home with no fence. It is the ideal place for a thief to soften up. 

Today condition makes our home more inclined to home thievery than 10 years prior. Thus, it is astute to put some fencing to safeguard our home however the cost of conventional fencing is exorbitant. This is the place where chain link can fence tackle the issue.

Chain link fencing surely appears to be essential and clear, however, you might be astonished to know the different sorts and styles of chain link fences exist today. 

Indeed, few individuals understand that they have more than one alternative when searching for a chain link fence. Regardless of whether you are selecting a fence style for your home, your business or for another application, consider your choices before making your last determination.

Sorts of Chain Link Fence

Three fundamental sorts of chain link fences mentioned below are quite popular among the individuals these days.

  1. Galvanized after weaving (GAW)
  2. Galvanized before weaving (GBW)

The fundamental distinction is that GBW wires have some wire endings that go uncovered, while the GAW wires have some uncovered segments where the wires cross. 

The two sorts keep going for around 12 years. The fence requires no or very little maintenance and are appropriate for private applications.

  • Aluminum Chain Link Fence: It is lightweight, solid and has a long life. It's additionally a decent decision for any individual who lives in a wet atmosphere due to its prominent rust and corrosion resistance. Indeed, even in the harshest atmospheres, aluminum can keep going as long as 25 years.

  • Stainless Steel Chain Link Fence: It can deal with high temperatures, because of its abnormal state of antacid resistance. It's likewise to have a great degree of enduring, durability and is most appropriate for the harshest climate.

Reasons Why Should You Go For Galvanized Chain Link Fence

  • Affordable cost: The chain fence is the more reasonable decision.

  • Straightforwardness: The fence offers control without demolishing your view.

  • Snappy establishment: The fence has a tendency to be considerably less demanding to introduce than numerous different sorts of fences.

  • Low maintenance: The galvanized wires can be hosed off if vital yet never require any paint.

  • Durable: They are additionally worked to withstand the harshest components, including winter climate, electrical storms, and extraordinary sunlight.

  • Tried and true regulation: The fence is a successful approach to keep your friends and family protected and keep others from meandering onto your property.

  • An assortment of styles: You can select the height and thickness of the fence as per your requirement.

  • Added security: A quality fence goes about as an obstruction to those searching for a fast escape.

  • Added protection: A quality fence will shield unapproved people from entering ranges where they could get hurt.

  • Increases the value of any property: When it comes to selling your property, most homebuyers will value the expansion of a quality fence.

It can be difficult to choose for yourself which sort of fence is best for your necessities. Before you make an interest in any fencing item, contact a fence contractor to know more about the type of material and designs you can opt. 

An expert fence service providing organization can audit your venture's prerequisites and make proposals based on your particular needs and chain link fence determinations.