Monday, April 7, 2014

Don’t end up installing wrong pet fence

Chances of a pet running away from the house are high if there is no mechanism to avoid them from being able to escape. Having run off the property, they either end up getting injured, neglected and devoid of proper care. Most Americans live with pets and therefore need a safety system to avoid them from running away.

Installing a fence will avoid such unfortunate incidences from happening. To choose the right pet fencing you can consult a local manufacturer and get right advice. There are many factors that you must bear in mind before beginning the installation. 

Many localities have certain rules regarding fence installation and pets so make sure to check with local authorities to find out if there are any limitations regarding types of pets allowed.  Make sure to check whether there are any specific regulations that govern the types of fences allowed. There may also be certain ordinances regarding minimum height.

Failing to check with the rules can result in installation of too tall or too short fence which will eventually cost you more money and time in redoing it.

The next factor is the animal in consideration. Small dogs can find it very easy to slip through the slats. On the other hand, big dogs may easily be able to jump over a fence. These are critical factors that you must think about. Accordingly go for a suitable type that will provide best animal protection. An aluminum ornamental fence may solve your purpose.

To some pet owners, an electric fence may seek like the best answer; but really it’s not the ideal choice. First of all, it is not going to protect the house from wanderers, strangers and even other animals. The pet may not be able to run away, but others can easily come across the boundary and bother the pet.

Sometimes a pet may be really upset, and may cross the border despite getting the electric shock. So this doesn’t ensure a complete safety. The fear of shock will continue to prevent him from coming back home once he has calmed down. 

Therefore it is best to go for a physical fence keeping in the mind the type of animal you own, and the ideal height that will prevent him from running off the property. Also keep the slats rightly spaced from each other to avoid small pets from running through them. 

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