Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What are the advantages of using fence slats?

Fence slats have always been useful to cover outer area of home. These fence slats are made up of material like wood, metal and plastic. They are always placed in vertical portion and gives good appearance to your yard.
Fence slats are always known to provide security, protection from dirt or wind and privacy is another feature that is counted in among them.
These fence slats are available in the market with assortments of designs and sizes. PVC fence slats come in assortments of colors including red, green, brown, wooden touch, grey, white, or black. However, white PVC fence slats are mostly preferred by people in comparison to other colors because white color gives superior finishing and provides beautiful viewpoint to your place.
Main advantage that fence slats provide to your home are-
  • Safe for pets and children- Fences are the best source to keep kids and pets safe. Fences are prepared remembering that distance between the fences is not too much that no one can cross it.

  • Standardized look-Always fence slats that are placed in vertical manner gives a clean and standardized look to your place. Vertical positioning is preferred because it gives curb appeal and looks organized.

  • Replaceable- Fence slats are installed in such a convenient manner so that it can be easy to replace them easily. You are no longer requisite to replace the entire section of slats. This means that incase a piece of slat is damaged, you can easily replace with the new one. Fence slats are installed using nails, screws either at the top or bottom or both.

  • Easy to polish- Earlier polishing of fence slats was a tedious job. But nowadays, easy to use sprays are available in the market or you can paint yourself using a brush. Also there are lots of options to customize the color to give the slats color of your choice.

  • Hedge and planting- The fence slats are always helpful in growing hedges and plants when you grow them along the side of the fence. When they are located along the boundaries, then it will grant a beautiful outlook to your yard. 

  • Property value- Fences always add a great value to your house. It not only gives you beautiful outlook but with the appearance, your place looks wider, which automatically increase the value of your property.

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