Monday, June 6, 2016

Choosing Your Fence - Quality With The Cost

There are many reasons new fence is installed. Either to replace the old worn out fence or around your house or swimming pool. There are different types to choose from according to your requirement and budget like wooden fencing, wrought iron fencing, aluminium ornamental fence, etc. There are several factors that you need to consider before you choose a fence. Here are few tips to buy a new fence:

Fence Material:

There are commonly five types of material: wood, chain link, PVC,  steel and  aluminum. Wood and chain link fencing are less expensive while aluminium and steel ornamental fencing is high end and more costlier. Aluminum fencing offers better cost/benefit ratio than other fences.  

Height Of The Fence:

The fence should have at least six feet height or it would obviate the reason of installing fence in the first place. Anything below six feet is an open invitation for people to stare from the fencing and it is really easy to climb a short fence which fails the security reason for applying the fence in the first place. However if you need a decorative fence for the garden, then it is kept shorter.

Color Of The Fence:

Choose white color if you want your fence to stand out and green color if you want the fence to blend with the grass. Black and bronze color present a classy look. So whatever color you choose, decide if you want to stand out or blend with the surroundings.

Style of the fencing:

After deciding the color, height and grade of the fence, you can pick up the style you like the best. Exposed picket, covered picket, narrow spaced picket, short picket for garden, two rail design, custom made appearance, finials on the pickets give the the fencing a more secure finish.

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